St. Louis Benefits Pets and People Globally

by Gary Broome | Apr 01, 2015

Many St. Louisans are very fond of pets, gardens, and outdoor recreation in general. We’re the home of Purina and the Missouri Botanical Garden. And our pet and garden products ship from St. Louis to around the globe thanks to our easy river access to the Gulf of Mexico and the meeting of six of the seven Class 1 railroads in the US. Not to mention our airports and road network.

And today, the story of St. Louis and pets and gardens expanded with the announcement of Spectrum Brands’ United Pet Group.

“Spectrum Brands – Pet, Home & Garden’s decision to establish its headquarters in St. Louis is a true testament to the strength of Missouri’s competitive business climate,” said Gov. Nixon. “With a central location, low business taxes, and a workforce that’s second to none, Missouri has what it takes to compete and win in a growing global economy.”

Spectrum Brands is consolidating its Home and Garden Division and its Pet Care Division. As these two divisions merge into one, the new company, United Pet Group, is establishing its new headquarters – in St. Louis. This is expected to create 45 new jobs in the area, with an average wage of more than $83,000.

“The newly-created Spectrum Brands – Pet, Home & Garden Division marks the next phase of our company’s continued growth and success,” said Randy Lewis, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Spectrum Brands – Pet, Home & Garden. “We’re excited to expand our already well-established presence in the St. Louis region and continue growing our portfolio of well-known brands and products.”

The new company will be a diversified consumer products company, and a leading supplier of specialty pet supplies, lawn and garden and home pest control products, and personal insect repellants. The many brands that will be part of this new company are common to most households. They include Black Flag, Cutter, Spectracide, Hot Shot, Repel, Tetra and Aquarium Systems.

The continued expansion of companies in the region, and the attraction of new companies, is a constant reminder of the strengths of our region,” said Joe Reagan, President & CEO of the St. Louis Regional Chamber. “Spectrum Brands is an asset to our region, and we are honored as a region to have another company decide to base their headquarters in St. Louis.”

“St. Louis County thanks Spectrum Brands – Pet, Home & Garden for its continued partnership in building our community, bringing both jobs and opportunities to the region,” said St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger.