Driving Business Growth Through IT

by Eric Schneider | Jun 16, 2016
On Wednesday, June 15, we held our Connect at Breakfast prgoram. This session was entitled Driving Business Growth Through IT: How Companies Embrace the Digital Age. The presenters were: Michael Benney, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Pulaski Bank,Dirk Elsperman, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Tarlton Corporation, William Hofrichter, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Concordia Plan Services, and Chris Scaglione, Vice President and General Manager, TierPoint

Key takeaways from their presentations were:

  • IT investments are about data, deliverables and dollars - use technology for solutions that speed up information exchange across people and projects.
  • The workplace is being defined by more tech-savvy employees and customers who demand integrated IT solutions.
  • IT should seamlessly function across various applications, technologies, platforms and across multiple vendors.

To view the panelists' presentations and photos from the Connect at Breakfast, click here

CIT-commerce sign
 Connect at Breakfast panelists (from left): Chris Scaglione; TierPoint, Dirk Elsperman, Tarlton Corporation; Michael Benney, Pulaski Bank;  William Hofrichter, Concordia Plan Services