Press Release: Inaugural Festival for College Students to Show the Best of St. Louis

by David Messner | Jul 07, 2016


Contact: David Messner

(314) 444-1147


ST. LOUIS, MO - The St. Louis Regional Chamber will host its first annual Show U St. Louis College Festival for the region’s college students on Saturday, August 27 from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. at Poelker and Kaufman Parks east of Soldiers’ Memorial in downtown St. Louis. This free event will be an opportunity for St. Louis area college students, particularly those new to St. Louis, to learn more about the many activities, cultural institutions, restaurants, neighborhoods, and nonprofits that make the region a great place not only to go to school but also to live, work, and play after graduation.

Show U St. Louis is part of the St. Louis Regional Chamber’s focus on attracting and retaining college-educated young people who are the region’s next generation of talented workers. “Show U St. Louis will be a big welcome party with a purpose,” says Greg Laposa, Vice President Education Strategies at the Regional Chamber. “We kept hearing from students at Washington University, St. Louis University, Webster, and other schools that once they got off campus and got to know St. Louis a little better, they loved it. We want to make sure they get that chance to know our region.  The festival is a snapshot of what is available in terms of career opportunities, places to live, and ways to have fun and give back to the community.”

The festival will be open to all students with a college ID from one of the region’s 47 two- and four-year colleges and universities. It will also feature live local performances by Mvstermind, Roland Johnson & Soul Endeavor, ICE and DJ Sinamin. “Show U St. Louis will let college students have a great time and meet other students from around the region before they get deep into their studies,” says Laposa.

The Chamber is still accepting applications from regional attractions and organizations interested in participating in the festival. Visit for vendor and contact information. 

Show U St. Louis