The Ultimate ROI – Investing in the One Plan

by Tabitha Harwell | Nov 28, 2016

The St. Louis Regional Chamber unites a broad community of leaders who works towards the economic prosperity of the entire bi-state region. Together, we implement the One Plan to raise St. Louis to be one of the top ten most prosperous metropolitan areas in the nation.

A critical piece of our One Plan rest in the hands of our Regional Investors. St. Louis Regional Chamber Investors are a forward-thinking collective who are committed to the One Plan and St. Louis’ continued growth in select economic clusters: financial and information services, health care, multimodal logistics and biosciences. Our Investors are also dedicated to greater education attainment, inclusion and talent attraction, as well as entrepreneurship and innovation in the region. Ultimately, our Investors collaborate with other regional business leaders to promote equity and opportunity, safety and security, and building and investing in St. Louis.

With our extensive networks, our Investors receive a variety of benefits that provide them opportunities for peer-to-peer networking, relationship building with other top ranking executives, and a better understanding of the inner workings of our regional business community. The ultimate return on investment for this progressive group is the transformation of their resources into community results.

To learn more about becoming a Regional Investor, contact Tabitha Harwell at (314) 444-1177 or