St. Louis Utility Rates Among the Lowest in the U.S.

by Trevor Bachus and Tim Alexander | Jun 20, 2017

Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Division does an annual comparative survey of utility rates in selected cities across the nation.(1)  The survey found industrial electric, gas, and water rates in the St. Louis area to be over 25% less than the survey average. St. Louis was also ranked 10th in lowest residential utility bill costs during the winter season.  The average residential monthly utility bill for a St. Louis resident was calculated to be $316.82 versus an average of $367.90 in the other cities.

Industry benefits from the area's extremely low industrial electricity rates.  The following graph highlights the rates in the St. Louis MSA compared to the national average.  

Note: Rates are based on 50,000,000 kWh (70,000 kW) usage.