Driving Business Growth Through IT
How Companies Embrace The Digital Age
Michael Benney, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Pulaski Bank
Dirk Elsperman, 
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Tarlton Corporation
William Hofrichter, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Concordia Plan Services
Chris Scaglione,
 Vice President and General Manager, TierPoint
Key Takeaways:
  • IT investments are about data, deliverables and dollars - use technology for solutions that speed up information exchange across people and projects.
  • The workplace is being defined by more tech-savvy employees and customers who demand integrated IT solutions.
  • IT should seamlessly function across various applications, technologies, platforms and across multiple vendors.

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(from left) Chris Scaglione, TierPoint; Dirk Elsperman, Tarlton Corporation; Michael Benney, Pulaski Bank; William Hofrichter, Concordia Plan Services 

Brian Hunter, STL Communications; Ben Goldstein, TierPoint; Abby Katz, Saint Louis Zoo; Abby Klinckhardt, Saint Louis Zoo

Chris Scaglione shared the results of TierPoint's survey of Midwest CIOs. Security was the top priority of their organizations. 

Masao Yoneyama, Kyle Popelar and Rick Guilander, CSI Leasing

Susan Tranchillia, Simplified Telecom, Steve Leidholdt and Al Danklefsen, STL Communications

Kari Eckelkamp, LaunchCode and Alma Bright, R.I.S.C. Consultants

David Newberger, Starkloff Disability Institute and Kyle Popelar, CSI Leasing

Dirk Elsperman said its all about speed for Tarlton's projects and the need for their IT investments to reduce time to move information.

William Hofrichter described Concordia Plan Services efforts to create a seamless system for their customers and employees to interact.

Mike Benney said Pulaski Bank looks for "quick wins" for their IT solutions, such as e-forms and work-flow systems that can bring positive results within 9 months.

Tom Kovach, The Salvation Army and John VasAsdale, BSI Constructors

Alex Baldwin, Contegix; Rick Guilander, CSI Leasing, Erik Nielsen, Secure Data Technologies

Paul Van Dillen, PCI Staffing Solutions and Paul Held, Synlawn St. Louis Mark Kaiser, Byrne Software Technologies, Peter Fletcher, STL Communications, Michael Wilson, TierPoint
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