Cost of Living

Greater St. Louis has a very affordable cost of living, well below the U.S. metro average and typically among the lowest of the nation’s 20 largest metropolitan areas.

The Cost Of Living Index (COLI) Calculator link allows for comparison of the cost of living in Greater St. Louis to almost any of the other metro areas in the country. Simply enter a base salary for any other metro and the calculator will determine how much you'd need to earn for a comparable standard of living in Greater St. Louis. It will also produce a detailed report with the dollar costs of groceries, utilities, housing, transportation, health care, and other miscellaneous expenses in any metro, Greater St. Louis, and the U.S. average.

Click here for a summary of the St. Louis MSA Average Cost of Living and business costs.

Click Here to Compare the Cost of Living in Greater St. Louis to other U.S. metro areas.

Cost of Living - Top 25 Metropolitan Areas

Metro Area Index 
 St. Louis, MO-IL 87.8 
 Houston, TX 91.6 
 Tampa, Fl. 
Detroit, MI 95.1 
 Phoenix, AZ
 Atlanta, GA 101.8 
 Dallas, TX 105.4 
 Minneapolis, MN 106.3
 Denver, CO 113.0
 Miami, FL 116.0
 Philadelphia, PA 113.4 
 Chicago, IL 123.2 
 San Diego, CA 147.0 
 Los Angeles, CA 148.2 
 Boston, MA 150.0 
 Seattle, WA 154.0 
 Washington, DC 162.6 
 San Francisco, CA 196.3 
 New York, NY (Manhattan)  248.5 
 Riverside City, CA N/A 

Note: U.S. metro average = 100.
Source: "ACCRA Cost of Living Index, 2018 Average Annual Data" Council for Community and Economic Research, January 2019.