The $150 billion St. Louis regional economy is established, broad, and growing.  Built on commerce, the region’s economy began as a trading center in 1764, grew into a manufacturing powerhouse, and has undergone dramatic diversification driven by an expanding service sector, over the past two decades.  Now one of the nation’s most diverse metropolitan economies, with about half of the regional gross product and employment represented by the health, education, financial, and business services sectors.  The St. Louis economy is balanced, resilient, and ready for the 21st century economy.

The region’s strengths, which will drive future economic growth, include central location, infrastructure capacity, favorable cost structure, and competitive competencies in bioscience, financial services, and advanced manufacturing.

The region’s current industry composition mirrors the national mix, closely linking St. Louis’ economic performance with national business cycles.  For a snapshot of Greater St. Louis economic activity in labor and employment, the consumer sector, and residential and commercial real estate markets or a more detailed picture of economic indicators see our Documents Library.

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