People are the engine that drives successful businesses.  Greater St. Louis is home to a vibrant, well-educated, and diverse work force -- the key ingredient for growing your company.

  • St. Louis talent is well-educated.  More than 650,000 residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher in 2016 or above 34% of the region’s adult population according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  Our talent base is exceptional, with concentrations of life scientists, engineers, computer analysts, professional managers and other highly specialized occupations needed for the 21st century economy.
  • It's highly and broadly skilled. The St. Louis economy is highly diversified as is the workforce that supports the broad industrial base is as well. 
  • It’s hard-working. The Midwestern work ethic is real. Companies in the area apply that dedication and commitment as a competitive advantage every single day.
  • It’s available and affordable. We have a growing and affordable work force with wage and unemployment rates that track the U.S. average.

Greater St. Louis offers an affordable living for those who work here and at the same time provides employers a competitive and reasonable market in which to do business.

Helpful data resources:

For labor force, employment and wage information in the bi-state region:

Missouri Economic and Information Research Center (MERIC) 

Illinois Department of Employment Security

To keep their work forces at the forefront of the ever-evolving business world, Missouri and Illinois are committed to providing the professional and technical training resources businesses need to stay abreast of new ideas and best-practices in several industries.

Missouri Division of Workforce Development

Illinois Department of Employment Security

If you need assistance finding workforce development resources contact

Jim Alexander, Vice President Economic Development


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