• How Do I Hire the Best Talent? Lessons From Our Connect at Breakfast Speakers

    Mar 29, 2017

    On March 28, the Connect at Breakfast program discussed how to select talent and how assessment tools and strategies can build the right team. The guest speakers were Michelle Clark, PhD, President, Psychological Associates; Lynn Davis, SPHR, Chief Talent Officer, RubinBrown LLP; and Ron Green, Scout Executive and CEO, Boy Scouts of America Greater St. Louis Council.

    Key takeaways from their presentations:

    • The cost of hiring the wrong person, from lower productivity, employee impact, and reduced client satisfaction, will exceed the annual salary of that position.
    • Hiring assessments provide data that undermine biases from in-person interviews and identify skills and personality traits that best match the position and a company’s culture.
    • Plot your employees on a grid based on degrees of potential and performance. Use workplace assessment and personality assessments to identify these their place on the 9-Box Grid.
    • Create an organizational “depth” chart that allows your company to quickly fill positions when talent leaves. Developing the second and third string will directly impact the growth of your firm.
    • Share assessments with your managers to improve their skills and help them better relate to their staff. Share assessment data with employees and work with them to improve their weaknesses.
    • Millennials are used to frequent feedback; assessments can help promote their personal and professional growth.

    After the presentation, Clay Hildebrand, Senior Vice President - Sales and Marketing, Psychological Associates announced that Chamber members can now receive a discount on Psychological Associates’ assessment tools and services.

    Our next Connect at event will occur at the St. Louis Fashion Fund Incubator in downtown St. Louis from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on April 20. Registration information will be coming soon.

    Connect at Group_3.28
    Pictured from left to right: Ron Green, Scout Executive and CEO, Boy Scouts of America Greater St. Louis Council; Michelle Clark, PhD, President, Psychological Associates; Lynn Davis, SPHR, Chief Talent Officer, RubinBrown LLP; and Clay Hildebrand, Senior Vice President - Sales and Marketing, Psychological Associates 

  • St. Louis Press Pass

    Mar 27, 2017
    How St. Louis’ $761 million startup community stacks up against the world
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    A three-year period of success for St. Louis startups between 2013 and 2015 has vaulted the city into one of the premier up-and-coming startup ecosystems in the world, according to Startup Genome, a San Francisco-based research firm that helps startups. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    Missouri jobless rate drops slightly in February
    (KTRS, 3/22/17)
    Unemployment in Missouri has dropped again. Data released Tuesday by the Missouri Department of Economic Development show the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate edged down to 4.1 percent in February compared to 4.2 percent in January. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    MLS investment group promises millions of dollars for youth, jobs programs in St. Louis
    (St. Louis Public Radio, 3/21/17)
    An ownership group that’s trying to persuade St. Louis voters to help fund a professional soccer stadium said Tuesday that it will invest millions of dollars in youth soccer and job-training programs. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    Prolog part of startup deals totaling nearly $30 million
    (St. Louis Business Journal, 3/24/17)
    Prolog Ventures, the Clayton-based venture capital firm that specializes in investing in healthy living companies, has participated in three startup deals this month — two of them local — that combined total nearly $30 million. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    Local agtech startup raises $2.4 million from investors
    (St. Louis Business Journal, 3/22/17)
    Arvegenix, a St. Louis-area agtech startup, has raised $2.4 million from a group of mostly local investors. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    Chesterfield Outlet Mall Debuts Small Business Pop-Up
    (KMOX, 3/20/17)
    Stores are closing locations, malls everywhere are struggling, so Taubman Prestige Outlets in Chesterfield is looking to accessorize with some local start-ups. A concept called ‘Emerge Pop-Up Boutique’ will give small businesses a chance to try the brick-and-mortar experience for a weekend. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    How To Start A Company In St. Louis: Greetabl
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    Could St. Louis be the birthplace of the next Hallmark? That’s the intent for Greetabl co-founders Zoë Scharf and Joe Fischer, who began the business in St. Louis and continue to use the city as their headquarters. “We have big goals,” says Scharf. “We want to be a household name.” >> CLICK FOR MORE
    Butterscotch Shenanigans Wants To Be The Midwest’s Most Famous Game Studio
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    Hydrate with these Healthy, Locally Produced Drinks
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    Our nation collectively is drowning in a riptide of high-fructose corn syrup, often overcharged with caffeine and chemicals, and Angela Zeng wants to throw Americans a life preserver. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    New drug developed at SLU hospital shows promise in fighting heart disease
    (KTVI, 3/21/17)
    Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, but new drugs called PCSK9 inhibitors appear to be a step in reversing that trend. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    New low-cost medical clinic opens in Collinsville
    (Belleville News-Democrat, 3/20/17)
    There’s a new medical clinic for patients in Collinsville — the 34th clinic opened by Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation to provide more access to care for patients of all incomes. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    After enrollment dip, Lindenwood leaders say the university has a plan to rebound
    (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 3/20/17)
    Lindenwood University’s niche within the region’s higher education market depends on reaching commuter students where they live, with multiple campuses set up in all corners of the St. Louis metro area. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    In Webster Groves a preschool thrives, thanks to high-schoolers
    (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 3/22/17)
    A preschool nestled in a hallway of Webster Groves High School costs $5 a day and is run almost entirely by high school students. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    Saturday Scholars: Paving the way for St. Louis' future doctors
    (KSDK, 3/23/17)
    A decades long partnership between one of St. Louis' most prestigious universities and the St. Louis public school system is giving high school students a glimpse into the medical field. It’s called Saturday Scholars. It’s a rare opportunity for extraordinary teens. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    (HEC-TV, 3/2017)
    Due to a lack of minority participation in programming, a mom founded an organization looking to prove that’s it’s never too early to engage kids in coding. Color Coded Kids is a programming enrichment program that serves minority kids from ages 8 to 12 in the St. Louis area. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    St. Louis City, MSD begin tearing down abandoned buildings
    (KPLR 11, 2/23/17)
    St. Louis City begins a program designed to abolish hundreds of abandoned buildings. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    Contemporary 116-Unit Apartment Building Planned for South Grand YMCA Site
    (nextSTL, 3/23/17)
    Proposals to replace the long-vacant South Grand YMCA have been through several iterations and multiple delays. A newly available rendering shows a gray brick 116-unit apartment building fronting South Grand. The previously available plan from two years ago showed a two-story retail and office building. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    South County senior living community plans $5 million expansion
    (St. Louis Business Journal, 3/21/17)
    Friendship Village is planning an expansion of its senior living community in south St. Louis County. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    St. Louis women make inroads into male-dominated liquor business
    (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 3/19/17)
    At a time when her teenage peers were downing sodas and other sweet drinks, Gina Hoagland was falling in love with dry wine. A high school friend’s parents introduced her to their wine cellar and allowed her to choose any bottle. They would then educate her about its taste and origin. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    Chuck Berry, Rock ’n’ Roll Pioneer, Dies at 90
    (The New York Times, 3/18/17)
    Chuck Berry, who with his indelible guitar licks, brash self-confidence and memorable songs about cars, girls and wild dance parties did as much as anyone to define rock ’n’ roll’s potential and attitude in its early years, died on Saturday at his home near Wentzville, Mo. He was 90. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    The Cardinals will let fans attend all the games they want in 2017 for a monthly fee
    (CBS Sports, 3/22/17)
    A common lamentation is that attending a major-league game is too expensive these days. Sure, it’s far cheaper than going to an NFL or NBA game, but there’s no doubt that it’s not as easy as it once was if you’re on a tight budget. >> CLICK FOR MORE
    World Chess Hall of Fame Debuts New Exhibition, The Imagery of Chess: Saint Louis Artists
    (Gazelle STL, 3/2017)
    The World Chess Hall of Fame in Saint Louis debuts an innovative new exhibition, The Imagery of Chess: Saint Louis Artists, on Thursday, March 23, with a special public opening reception from 6-8 p.m. The exhibit will be on view through September 24, 2017. >> CLICK FOR MORE