• Discovering The Whether

    Apr 03, 2017

    As a millennial, I want to be on a path that will ultimately point me towards success. However, searching for jobs is not an easy feat. Job fairs all seemingly only want to hire accountants, university career centers are difficult to navigate, and networking can be intimidating to recent grads. What is one to do when left to their devices (literally)?

    In the beginning, my search for what I wanted to do tended to be broad. I flocked to websites like Indeed, Salary.com, and job pages of the local Fortune 500 companies in the area. I scoured through multiple pages trying to find something that would closely match my desired title or another similarly named position. Once I found a position that I felt was a good fit, I would apply. When the call from the hiring manager came, there was always a discrepancy of what experience truly meant. Despite years of part-time and internship experience, they thought what I have posted on my resume was not sufficient. Time after time I was forced to reframe my job search. I felt there were no good opportunities here in St. Louis.

    But then came The Whether. This new platform essentially consolidates everything I was doing into a neat and intuitive experience. I can search for a job and immediately have hundreds of employers at my fingertips. All the information is consistently laid out so I can quickly scan for particular requirement such as the level of education or years of experience needed. The Whether pulls live data from Glassdoor to get salary information and employee reviews of the employer. If available, you can even see the videos about the company to get a better sense of their culture. There is also a nice human element of having the live chat feature. So if you need help or a hiring manager needs to talk to you, everything is readily accessible. Personally, I use the app on my phone to favorite new opportunities and articles to read later on my desktop. It is a comprehensive tool that helps get your job search off the ground so you can kickstart your career.

    After using The Whether, I have learned about so many opportunities St. Louis has within its diverse neighborhoods. The St. Louis Regional Chamber has partnered with Better Weekdays, the parent of The Whether, to help students like me to navigate the many opportunities hiding in the region. Because of this valuable tool, I now realize St. Louis is actually a great place to live, work, and play.  

    Click here to check The Whether.

  • Introducing The Whether

    Mar 03, 2017

    St. Louis is aching for talent. A couple of years ago, a survey of students from 14 regional institutions highlighted the gap between the student’s perception of available career opportunities and the reality of St. Louis’ job market. Jobs are left unfilled because job seekers don’t know they’re available or think their skills are applicable. How do we better connect talent to careers in the region?

    The St. Louis Regional Chamber is proud to introduce a new talent solution designed to answer this question. Better Weekdays’ tool, The Whether, aggregates internships and job opportunities posted by employers for job seekers to navigate based on their resumes. Think of it as a dating site for careers. Employers and job seekers sign up to get to know each other better and hopefully lead to a happy match. With this system, applicants can discover new opportunities they wouldn’t have seen elsewhere. Employers are also able to discover and streamline their search for relevant candidates.

    But how does The Whether work for job seekers? Read about this student's experience with The Whether and how it made her job search easier. 

    St. Louis has opportunities for everyone; it’s just a matter of letting the world know of them. With The Whether, Better Weekdays is working to make St. Louis a more attractive place to live, work, play, and invest.

    Interested employers can sign up for The Whether here.

    Interested students and job seekers can sign up for The Whether here.