Economic Development

The St. Louis Regional Chamber is your single source for information and professional economic development services relating to the 15-county bi-state metropolitan area.  We take a strident customer-focused approach to economic development and will help you and/or the business you represent explore all possible solutions throughout Greater St. Louis. 

Jim Alexander, Senior Vice President Economic Development, leads a team of economic development and industry professionals who will confidentially work on your behalf to find the best regional solution to your expansion or location needs.  We collaborate closely with our partners throughout the region on each and every opportunity – giving you access to professional expertise on matters such as real estate, talent, taxes, and financial incentives … but all through a single source.

Andrew Smith, Vice President Entrepreneurship & Innovation, works in a similar fashion to assist startup businesses considering launching or move their business to St. Louis.   Please visit Entrepreneurship & Innovation to learn more about this aspect of our economic development agenda. 

For detailed data on a range of economic development issues, please visit our Regional Data section.  If you can’t find what you need there, please let us know at