Serving Our Members

The St. Louis Regional Chamber, working with and through our private/public-sector members, investors and partners, aspires for Greater St. Louis to be consistently counted among the nation’s top ten major metros for economic prosperity.  Here’s a snapshot of what we believe it will take in a number of key metrics to achieve this goal by 2025.  It is also at the heart of the Strategy Statement to follow – a concise summary of our strategic plan.

“We are a broad community of leaders united for economic prosperity throughout the entire St. Louis bi-state region.  In fact, our aspiration is for St. Louis to be one of the Top 10 U.S. regions in prosperity.  Our one purpose is to inspire a greater St. Louis.  Together, we will make St. Louis a more attractive to live, work and invest.  We will win on today’s regional strengths in focused economic clusters.  We will champion a better tomorrow through greater education attainment, economic inclusion, innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Nothing could better serve our members and the region than executing on this strategy.  A favorite saying of Joe Reagan, our CEO, is that “All of us need all of us.”  That’s the only we’ll get there … as a region.

For more information on becoming a member or becoming more engaged as a member or investor, please visit our Member Center, or contact Tabitha Harwell, Regional Investor Relations.