Health Science & Services

The Health Science & Services industry in St. Louis accounts for nearly 200,000 regional jobs and represents a unique convergence of genomics, population health management, and personalized medicine.  Fortune 500 companies, globally recognized research institutions, promising life science startups, and several of the nation’s leading healthcare systems and hospitals provide a fertile environment for the continued growth of this increasingly crucial industry. 

Two of our Fortune 500 companies, Express Scripts and Centene, are major players in what we’ve come to call the Health Economy … verbal shorthand for the entire value chain of businesses, organizations, and institutions that in some form or fashion affect healthcare.  In St. Louis this value chain stretches from world-class research and education … to biotech and genomics based startups  … to some of the nation’s leading hospitals and healthcare systems … to companies like Express Scripts, Centene, and countless others through the region. 

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