St. Louisans do it all. That’s literally true, because the metropolitan economy is extremely diverse. From automobiles to F/A-18 Super Hornets, from pharmaceuticals to software, from medical research to shoe design, from financial services to information technology, St. Louisans do almost everything that Americans do, and very nearly in the same proportions. That gives our work force a breadth and balance that’s unusual among metropolitan areas.

Greater St. Louis is proud to be home to a vibrant, well-educated, and diverse work force.  Among the 20 largest metros, St. Louis ranks 14th in percent of adult population with a college degree … and we’ve just launched a region-wide movement to vault us into the top 10 by 2025.

Drawing on the talents of graduates of renowned public and private universities and an extensive network of community colleges, vocational/technical centers and top-tier high schools, the hard-working St. Louis work force also boasts an impressive contingent of skilled laborers and professionals from across the country — and around the world — who are drawn to St. Louis for educational institutions and its quality of life.

Greg Laposa, Vice President Education Strategies.