We at the St. Louis Regional Chamber are actively working with our members, partners, peers, and the business community at large to make lasting, sustainable change to our region. Through collective collaboration and enthusiastic engagement, our mutual momentum will ensure the 2020s will be a decade to remember. But while we continue to work towards future success, it’s important to reflect on our past accomplishments and celebrate how far we’ve come. This is why we are pleased to introduce the St. Louis Regional Chamber’s 2019 Annual Summary.

The Regional Chamber had a remarkable 2019: launching our economic development subsidiary AllianceSTL, securing top-level legislative priorities in the Illinois and Missouri legislatures, creating the Diverse Business Accelerator, and much more. The Annual Summary gives is an overview of our economic development, workforce development, entrepreneurship, public policy, and membership efforts and outlines our 2020 goals.

See the 2019 Annual Summary for yourself and see how we've been working to make the St. Louis region the place to stand up, start out, and stay.