Executive Office

Tom Chulick

President & CEO

Lindsay Ochoa

Manager, Boards & Administration


Lisa Horsey

Manager, Accounting

Diana Madrid

Vice President, Finance and Accounting

Shane Sexton

Financial Analyst

Investor and Membership Services

Brittany Brown

Investor Relations Advisor

Bethany Monahan

Director, Business Engagement & Membership

Mary Perez

Database Administrator

Tabitha Sarris

Vice President, Investor Relations

Marketing and Communications

Adrian Aquilino

Marketing Designer

Alesha Henley

Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Adrienne Sharp

Manager, Marketing and Communications


Reed Miles

Human Resources Assistant

David Minor

Customer Service Support

Public Policy

Adam Kazda

Manager, Government Affairs

Reilly Nix

Project Coordinator, Public Policy

Rebecca Stone

Manager, Advocacy & Member Engagement

Austin Walker

Vice President, Public Policy

Workforce & Talent Development

Lakesha Mathis

Program Director, Inclusive Business Solutions

Rosalind Reese

Program Director, SLBDI Fellows

Valerie Patton

Senior Vice President, Inclusion & Talent Attraction