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314 Together

314 Together is a movement of togetherness and support for local businesses and restaurants. Small businesses are hurting from events and public gatherings being canceled and people choosing to stay home, but there are creative ways we can support them and still bring in revenue for them. Share #314Together on social media and join the #314Together Facebook Group.


St. Louisans are bringing us together in spirit with small acts of kindness & generosity. From supporting small businesses to shopping for a neighbor, they are everywhere. Share them with #STLMade4Good on all social channels and join the #STLMade4Good Facebook Group.

Philanthropy Resources

Kindness Meals STL

The Kindness Meals program is a collaborative initiative to provide meals and support for BJC, Cardinal Glennon,  and Saint Louis University Hospital Emergency room front-line staff. This program not only provides meals to help fuel the hard work of our emergency staff, but it helps small restaurants in St. Louis stay in business during this uncertain time. Find out more and donate a meal here

St. Louis Community Foundation Regional Response Fund

The Regional Response Fund will be used to direct resources to regional nonprofits that are working with local communities disproportionately affected by the coronavirus crisis and its economic fallout.

St. Louis Community Foundation Gateway Resilience Fund

The Gateway Resilience Fund will provide short term monetary relief to employees and owners of independent bars, restaurants, and shops in the St. Louis area affected by closures and other circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak.

STL Serves

Many local organizations have made the hard but responsible decision to cancel or postpone upcoming volunteer activities and fundraisers, leaving them understaffed and under-funded. STL Serves highlights regional organizations that continue to serve our neighbors in need — many of whom are especially vulnerable to the virus and/or could be severely affected by local business and public school closures.

United Way COVID-19 Response

Through 2-1-1 and the coordination with their member agencies, 100% of the dollars raised through United Way's COVID-19 Response will support organizations that are deploying and providing resources right now to those in our community impacted by this crisis.




Medical Masks and Gowns Needed in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Economic Development and the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry are urgently searching for companies that are either currently producing, or can begin producing in a short time frame, N95 medical masks and basic medical gowns (large and extra-large sizes). 

If you can provide assistance with this request, contact Michelle Hataway at Answer these questions in your response to Michelle:

  1. Which item can your produce? Mask? Gown? Both?
  2. When can you start production?
  3. Potential daily output?
  4. Do you already have the supply chain established for these products? If not, what would you need to acquire?
  5. Are there other production factors that need to be resolved before you could make these products? Can you provide a basic cost estimate? Utilize whatever per quantity or per unit pricing is most relevant for you.
  6. Are there other items that need to be addressed?
  7. Are you willing but need more information before responding?
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