We advocate for forward-thinking public policy to create a pro-business environment across the 15-county, bi-state St. Louis region. Our goal is to cultivate major coalitions and communities to secure a people-first, innovation-driven plan for equitable, abundant job creation, and economic growth for regional prosperity.  

2020 Public Policy Agenda

Our agenda encompasses issues on the local, state, and federal level across Illinois and Missouri.

2020 Public Policy Principles

We are committed to seeing our public policy principle through to create a more business-friendly region. See all of our principles.

Advocacy and Engagement

We engage our members in policy discussions across a broad spectrum of topics that have a direct impact on the St. Louis region’s competitiveness, business climate, and livability. Advocate with us.

2020 Census

Adequate funding is critical to determine our federal and state budget allocations. It is crucial that our census data reflect our actual population numbers to identify legitimate fiscal appropriations. Companies throughout the St. Louis region can help engage employees and encourage customers to participate in the census, including areas identified as difficult to reach. Learn more about how the region counts in the census.


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