The St. Louis Regional Chamber has been a champion for Medicaid expansion since 2013. One of the reasons our organization endorsed support for expansion early is the benefits it will have on our economy and workforce.


According to a new report by Missouri Foundation for Health, Missouri will see broad statewide economic benefits:  

  • 16,000 increase in new jobs each year 
  • $2.5 billion increase in economic output (averaging approximately $16,500 per Missouri business)
  • $1.6 billion increase in gross domestic product
  • $1.1 billion increase in personal income
  • 79% of new jobs created outside of the healthcare industry


The Regional Chamber is also laser focused on developing a skilled workforce. We believe that the availability of quality health care leads to a healthy workforce which contributes to a healthy economy. The passage of Medicaid expansion, therefore, is essential to growing and recruiting a healthy workforce.

On Tuesday, August 4, all Missourians will have the chance to vote Yes On 2. What would happen in MO if Medicaid was expanded?

  • 300,000 Missourians would get health care
  • Save and create 24,000 jobs statewide
  • Save up to 700 Missourians’ lives each year
  • Protect hospitals from devastating budget cuts
  • Bring in billions of dollars in federal funding to our state

There is also a benefit to the state budget since the federal government would pay 90% of new Medicaid expansion enrollees. The data from numerous respected institutions suggests there will be savings generated by expanding Medicaid, and those could be used for education, economic and workforce development, or transportation and infrastructure – all essential priorities for a healthy state business climate.

For more information on how you can support Medicaid Expansion and inform your employees:



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