Economic Development

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In an age when people, resources and information are highly mobile, St. Louis must rise to the top as a business location that encourages growth, innovation, entrepreneurship and investment. The St. Louis Regional Chamber supports policies that allow our region to compete successfully in a global economy, enhance our opportunities for business creation, recruitment and expansion, enable us to attract and retain a highly-skilled and diverse workforce, and foster an inclusive business community.


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A skilled workforce is critical to regional job growth and prosperity. Quality education must be available to students and workers at all levels so they are well-equipped to enter and re-enter the job market. The St. Louis Regional Chamber supports policies that will increase educational attainment and workforce readiness to meet the region’s employment needs both now and in the future. More specifically, the Regional Chamber is focused on an initiative to advance the region’s workforce into the top ten of the nation’s 20 largest metropolitan areas in percentage of adults with Bachelor’s degrees by 2025.

Quality of Life and Public Safety

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Location decisions, both at the individual and business level, are greatly impacted by the vibrancy and quality of life in a community. The St. Louis Regional Chamber supports policies that increase our region’s ability to attract and retain talent by making St. Louis an ideal place to live and build a career. We also support policies to ensure that workers, residents and visitors feel safe and secure throughout the region.

Transportation and Infrastructure


Transportation, utility and communication networks are an essential component of economic stability and job growth. The St. Louis Regional Chamber supports strategic investments to modernize and strengthen our regional infrastructure systems, leverage our location, enhance our multi-modal capabilities, and facilitate the movement of goods and people within the region and throughout the world. We therefore support the creation and renewal of policies, incentives and funding to enhance the bi-state region’s logistics, pipeline, distribution and transportation infrastructure capabilities, including roads, bridges, railways, ports and airports, with an emphasis on cargo terminals, broadband connectivity, and global competitiveness.

Fiscal Responsibility and Governance

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To ensure effective use of taxpayer resources, governments should not only deliver essential programs as efficiently as possible, but also make strategic investments that promote long-term economic growth. The St. Louis Regional Chamber is committed to pro-growth tax policies that enhance our region’s global competitiveness, facilitate both domestic and foreign investment, and drive job creation. We also support increased collaboration and coordination among local government entities to enhance fiscal stability, streamline delivery of services, and promote net new economic growth for the region.

Legal and Regulatory Business Climate

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Fair employment laws protect workers and promote employer flexibility and economic growth. Employers should not be subjected to burdensome laws or regulations that generate litigation and penalties instead of jobs. The St. Louis Regional Chamber supports policies that will strengthen the region’s business climate by ensuring employers are provided a just, efficient and consistent legal system.

Health Care

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Employers and employees value the availability of quality health care within the St. Louis region. The St. Louis Regional Chamber supports full, affordable, and comprehensive access to health insurance, and a robust health care system that protects the interests of the business community while addressing the needs of patients, providers and payers. We also promote informed health care decisions and healthy behaviors, and encourage efficient and cost-effective delivery of health care services.

Energy and Environment

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Access to safe, reliable and affordable energy is critical for long-term business growth. The St. Louis Regional Chamber supports policies that increase our energy independence and security, as well as reasonable regulations that properly balance economic growth and environmental protection. We also support policies that foster the region’s growing “green economy” and encourage broader adoption of sustainable business practices.