Steve Leidholdt, President and CEO of STL Communications

STL Communications:

Founded in 1989, STL Communications (STLCOMM) is a Business Services Partner (BSP) specializing in Voice, Networking, Storage and Managed Service/Cloud services. STL Communications is an Avaya Diamond Partner and is authorized by HP, Microsoft, Nimble, VMWare, SonicWall, Spectralink, Mutare, Veeam; and the exclusive West Call nurse call distributor for MO, IL and KS. STLCOMM is committed to providing customized technology solutions for customers in business, education and healthcare and across all industries, by offering a unique blend of industry experience (over 800 combined years) and personal attention to service rarely found in today’s business climate

In this episode we discuss: 

  • How we can embrace COVID - We have extremely busy people and they need to work remote and continue the same level of productivity. 
  • Planning is key, but if companies did not plan, there were immediate IT solutions available for them with a little research. 
  • Organizations are realizing that their employees CAN work from home. How to position working remote as a perk for your company. 
  • St. Louis has embraced regionalism by leaning into each other. The amount of collaboration and information sharing is inspiring. 
  • How do you work remote? 
  • Haircuts are a hot commodity that a lot of people are looking forward to in the coming weeks!


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