St. Louis is a region with momentum. Just within the last year, the region has seen over $8 billion worth of investment, a reinvigorated sense of civic pride, and a cultural renaissance. We’re among the hottest job and housing markets in the nation and the top region for female business owners. We’re the region to be in for millennials and recent college graduates looking for jobs or homes. Our cultural institutions, food scene, and unique communities are nationally ranked and recognized. And to tie all these pieces together and carry this momentum, we have STLMade.

STLMade is a movement shining a light on the amazing things innovative, tenacious, big-hearted people are doing within the St. Louis region. It’s a celebration of a region that insists on moving forward by bringing people and ideas together in bold ways that makes this a place where you can start something, you can get the support to stand out, and you can stay and make St. Louis yours.

The STLMade movement isn’t owned by one entity but rather supported by a regional collective of residents, local leaders, institutions, businesses, and nonprofits helping to tell St. Louis’ story. According to KMOX, the #STLMade hashtag “has attracted nearly 30,000 social media followers” and is displayed across the region on public signage, tchotchkes, and business buildings large and small. We even highlighted the narrative at the Regional Chamber's 182nd Annual Event and encouraged the entire business community to embrace and use the narrative to help the St. Louis region compete more effectively with other regions.

“Our research showed that the St. Louis region was lacking a clear identity with audiences that are critical to the success of economic development efforts,” says Greg Dietrich, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications at AllianceSTL. “Site selection consultants and corporate real estate executives weren’t necessarily thinking poorly of the St. Louis region, they simply weren’t thinking of us at all. STLMade gives us that platform to showcase all of the tremendous momentum our region is experiencing across multiple industry sectors, and it invites our audiences to consider how their future can be STLMade.”

Dietrich also mentions the feedback he’s received about STLMade shows that this message is unique, resonates well, and has the potential to establish a strong and positive impression of what the St. Louis region has to offer.

Anders CPAs + Advisors is also embracing the STLMade narrative to strengthen St. Louis' regional identity and form a sense of unified civic pride. “For years, we have had many mixed messages, now with one clear voice and one narrative, STLMade is working to bring in and retain talent and resources to our area, encourage people to build businesses here, move the region forward and make it grow stronger through economic development,” Anders Chief Marketing Officer Donna Erbs says in a blog post. “Just think of what could happen if we all became messengers of this campaign, emphasizing what is good and not getting stuck in what is not.”

Now that we have a regional narrative, it’s time to carry the momentum. March 14th, also known as 314 Day, marks one year since the launch of the STLMade narrative. To celebrate, local businesses, individuals, and organizations are showing their #STLMade pride on and around Saturday, March 14, 2020, through events and special offers.

We are a region of makers and doers. We have the assets and talent to compete with any other region. Now, let’s continue to share the STLMade narrative and carry the momentum!