Affinia Healthcare is a dynamic and transformative health system, providing affordable primary and preventative health care services to residents of St. Louis and surrounding areas. The facilities are staffed and equipped to provide comprehensive Primary Care Services in addition to an array of Health Support Services and Community Health Programs. Ensuring our neighbors a balanced, healthy future is our fundamental goal. 

In this episode:

Yvonne Buhlinger, Executive Vice President, speaks from the heart about the passion that Affinia Healthcare and the Affinia Healthcare Foundation has for the St. Louis community. Yvonne has been on the front lines of COVID testing and shares stories about patients need and reactions to the current pandemic. Listen to her insight about how you can help your community during this time of need. 

  • Masks are still needed. Affinia uses between 200-300 masks a DAY! 
  • Collaboration is the key to successful partnerships. Yvonne shares examples on what happens when a community rally together
  • COVID is a big deal, but there are other medical issues going on that we cannot forget. Find out what the biggest need is outside of COVID testing
  • You can help, it’s really easy!

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