Traci O’Bryan is the CEO of Arcturis and has over 30 years of design and management experience. She oversees firm strategy, development, and growth for the multi-disciplinary firm. With most client relationships lasting over fifteen years, it is these long-term clients that have sustained and grown the firm.

Believing that we all have a responsibility to others and our communities, Traci is also involved in many non-profit organizations. She currently is the Board Chair of the St. Louis Community College Foundation Board. In addition, Traci is a founding member of Affinia Healthcare’s Community Foundation Board. To support Arcturis’ commitment to local commerce and community, she is actively involved with Regional Business Council, St. Louis Regional Chamber, United Way of Greater St. Louis, and Downtown STL. Traci has chaired the YMCA Annual Fund Campaign twice.

Company: Arcturis

Arcturis is an architectural and design firm with offices in St. Louis and Dallas / Fort Worth. A creative studio of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, landscape architects, planners, and strategists, Arcturis collaborates across expertise to create effective, informed, and beautiful solutions for its clients.

In this episode:

  • How is your company re-entering the workforce? Did you have to redesign? Traci talks trends in the return to work outlook
  • Leaning into to the STL community – learn about how regional collaboration came together in a time of crisis and how you can help
  • Transformation is happening before our eyes. What will stay? What will continuously change?
  • Traci tells us who to talk to if we work in office buildings. Her suggestion may surprise you!
  • Learn about the Challenge of Three! Can you take on the Challenge of Three?

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