Guest: Deb Davis, Vice President & General Manager

Deb Davis is a Vice President and General Manager with General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) and a member of the Intelligence and Homeland Security Division Leadership Team. Ms. Davis is the executive responsible for the Mission Solutions Sector (MSS) to include technical, engineering, mission and IT Enterprise solutions and services. She is the primary point of contact for MSS senior stakeholders, and facilitates communication, risk mitigation, and the implementation and integration of portfolio plans and processes to achieve mission success. Deb is passionate about people and team development, and is actively involved with the Program Management (PM) Council, Leadership Development and Employee Mentoring.

Company: General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)

GDIT Company Profile

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  • The technology transformations around Cloud, AI and Cyber
  • How to join their partner ecosystem
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In this episode:

GDIT has been a trusted partner for over 50 years supporting and securing some of the most complex government, defense and intelligence projects. They have over 30,000 employees to include 14,000 technologists bringing the expertise needed to understand and advance critical missions. GDIT operates at the nexus of mission and IT, marrying their knowledge and experience in technology with the mission of their customers. Have you heard of GDIT? If not I’m sure you’ll be familiar with some of the companies they work with as Deb talks about the different St. Louis partnerships they have established as part of their innovative partner ecosystem.

  • Humans and machines working together? Yes! This creates the ability to expand the human capacity to make better decisions and implement smarter and faster actions. 
  • They are not new to St. Louis, but they are excited about their expansion into the Cortex innovation ecosystem. What makes St. Louis so incredible for expansion? 
  • GDIT has many partners in the region, from the local sector, academia, and business arenas. Who are they and why are they imperative to the growth of GDIT? 
  • What can GDIT do for St. Louis and how does this directly impact the workforce in the region?


Resources Mentioned:

GDIT Website



The Little Bit Foundation