Guest: Anika Porter, President & CEO

Anika Porter is an absolute gem to talk to. Her positivity radiates around her and it’s easy to see why she’s the powerhouse behind Lifespiration. You can connect directly with Anika via LinkedIN HERE.

Company: Lifespiration

The Mission of Lifespiration is clear: to provide hope, healing, healthiness and happiness in the workplace. The provide this through three different components of products, training and retreats. Lifespiration believes that wellness is a state of being. The physical, social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, occupation and economic components all feed into wellness. 

In this episode:

Have you heard of inspirational marketing? Do you know what it is? Maybe you can think of a products or service that you have either used, or know of, and it just makes you feel good inside. More than likely, the reason you FEEL the way you do is because you’ve just had a bit of inspirational marketing tossed your way. If you haven’t experienced this, then you need to meet Anika ASAP! 

Anika shares with us why inspirational marketing is important and how we can incorporate it into our brand marketing. 

A few takeaways from this episode:

  • The primary goal of inspirational marketing is to create a positive experience for your customer
  • The #1 reason companies contact Anika……..listen to find out!
  • Did you know that 71% of consumers go to their cell phone for daily inspiration? This the BEST time for brands to take advantage of that time!


Resources Mentioned:

Lifespirations Website

YOU by Anika Porter