Guest: Kate Wiegmann, Chief Operating Officer

Kate Wiegmann helped launch a company that is changing the way women do business. RISE Collaborative Workspace has been featured in USA Today, Bloomberg, The Today Show, ELLE Magazine, The Denver Post, St. Louis Business Journal, and more as a leader in the multi-billion-dollar coworking industry. Since opening in St. Louis in 2017 and Denver in 2019, RISE Collaborative’s growing membership includes more than 500 impressive business women. Focused on empowering women in business and building social capital, Kate and RISE Collaborative create meaningful connections between individuals, companies and organizations to foster a stronger and healthier business community for women. Dozens of members have reported business growth of 200 percent or more since joining RISE Collaborative, a true testament to the impact that investing in women can have. 

Company: RISE Collaborative

RISE Collaborative has two locations in the United States: St. Louis and Denver. The workspace is female focused, yet male friendly. They are NOT your traditional co-working space. They have women from all industries and backgrounds, from start-ups to million dollar companies. The comment threads are women who are growth-minded, ambitions, and believe in supporting other women. Whatever type of space you’re looking for to connect and build your business, RISE Collaborative will welcome you with open arms. 

In this episode:

I could spend all day talking to Kate. She’s one of the founders of RISE and a working mom to an adorable little girl. How she balances marriage, parenting and running a company is beyond me! 

Kate is dynamic, passionate and a kind soul. She genuinely cares about others and you will hear it come through as she shares a bit about RISE in this episode. If you aren’t familiar with Rise Collaborative, I encourage you to visit their website and schedule time to take a quick tour. Their St. Louis office is located in Clayton, it’s a quick tour and there is FREE parking. It’s truly a win-win situation if you’re looking for an office space, an extension of your current space, your company wants to downsize it’s current office space or just a place to connect with other like-minded female leaders in the region. 


A few takeaways from this episode:

  • Have you heard of Micro HQ? It’s trending and Kate is here to tell you all about it. 
  • They’ve recently launched RISE Digital which has been in the works for some time, but really came in handy for 2020. A few key points about RISE Digital:
    • You’re able to stay connected nationally to other like-minded females who are making waves
    • You have access to live content, a member director, contact information and you’re able to connect across the nation!
    • There is also a “member marketplace” for you to chat about your company!
  • Many companies are transitioning to remote work for their employees. If you’re an employee who needs an “office space” then this may be the ideal situation for you and a colleague.

Resources Mentioned:

RISE Collaborative Website

Private Office Information at RISE STL

Connect with Kate via LinkedIn