Guest: Clay Hildebrand, President

Clay is a genuine and effective leader who works to implement the company’s overall mission through framing and leading talent management and corporate development. He partners with PA consultants to build solutions for their client base’s talent management challenges, strategizing and executing steps to cross-sell and up-sell. You’ll want to listen to what he has to say about leadership, what the future of the workforce holds in St. Louis and what you can do to level up in your organization. 

Company: Psychological Associates

Psychological Associates has the capabilities and resources to work with every level of your organization. They focus on both the performance and potential of your business leaders. Using the Q4 model which is the dimensional model of behavior that organizes aspects of objective, observable behavior into four quadrants, Psychological Associates is able to give you the information you need to make educated business decisions. 

In this episode:

Learn how Psychological Associates works with every level within an organization from assessing potential talent to developing current leaders. They assist with succession planning and navigating the intricate relationships with family businesses. 

Clay offers several key points throughout the conversation that you can take into consideration when you are searching for your next superstar, promoting your next leader and planning for the future. 

  • Do you know who, in your current team, is ready for the next leadership role? 
  • Are you looking for ways to create leadership training and guidance for your current team?
  • What does the future of the workforce look like and how can you prepare your workforce for the “new normal”?


Resources Mentioned:

Psychological Associates Webpage