Meet Sriram Devanathan of Medical Guidance Systems

The St. Louis Regional Chamber Diverse Business Accelerator is designed to address the interests and challenges of diverse business owners as they work to scale their businesses. Participants in our capacity building program are diversely owned small businesses. This is a multi-phase program that creates a welcoming and stimulating environment for participants to receive and share valuable feedback, self-reflect, acquire effective business development strategies, and build relationships essential to their business’ growth. Sriram Devanathan is the principle at Medical Guidance Systems, which aims to operate in the cancer immunotherapy and nanotechnology-enabled drug delivery market by providing new targeted theragnostic opportunities for patients diagnosed with poor prognosis cancers. We sat down with him to talk about his experience as part of the inaugural Diverse Business Accelerator cohort.  

How did you get started in your business?

While pursuing my post-doctorate at Washington University in St. Louis, the entrepreneurial bug bit me! I, fortunately, came across great mentors and resourceful individuals who were keen on growing the life science entrepreneurial community in the region. As I progressed from my post-doc, I got to take charge of growing Medical Guidance Systems, a company founded by Dr. Dennis Hallahan, a physician-scientist who shares similar goals as to mine to bring the fruit of science to the common man. What does success look like to you?

For me, success is never an end result. It’s a stage that sets up a stepping stone for the next moment. The more people you can carry through those moments and have a positive impact through the process, you have delivered.

What brought you to the St. Louis Regional Chamber Diverse Business Accelerator?

When you are an early-stage, bootstrapped startup, every bit of learning helps. I have been fortunate to have met and worked with individuals of the Regional Chamber for a few years now. When this opportunity came across, I had no second thoughts about applying.  

Tell us about your experience in the St. Louis Regional Chamber Diverse Business Accelerator.

The Diverse Business Accelerator has been a good learning experience thus far. Interestingly, at DBA, it’s multi-way learning. You not only learn from the instructors and invited speakers but also from your own peers, who are from different walks of life with a diverse background. This gives you a small sample size of folks whom you have to market, explain, have buy-in for the service/product.  

What was your one main takeaway from the St. Louis Regional Chamber Diverse Business Accelerator?

You can never over-simplify your message!  

How has the St. Louis Regional Chamber Diverse Business Accelerator impacted your professional goals?

The Diverse Business Accelerator has helped me in prioritize and keep myself accountable towards timed deliverables on non-scientific fronts. Interested in learning more about the Diverse Business Accelerator? Read more about the program here or contact Program Director, Inclusive Business Solutions Lakesha Mathis at