Many small and mid-sized St. Louis businesses that are on the path to growth are unable to afford the human resources support they need. HR TailorMade positively impacts the St. Louis region by providing human resource consulting services to these businesses so that they may continue to grow and innovate.  

Dr. Tiffany E. Slater runs HR TailorMade as the CEO and Senior HR Consultant. She is passionate about creating an environment where joy can consistently be found in the work. Her deep love of the St. Louis community and unique perspective helps her to positively impact the community. “As a professional with over 20 years of experience in human resources, I am uniquely equipped to assist clients with employee-related challenges they face in their business,” says Slater. In addition to supporting her clients, Slater believes in the importance of empowering the local community and provides free consulting services to Grace Hill Women’s Business Center. HR TailorMade has also provided free services to area businesses during the pandemic. As a member of the STL Small Business Task Force, Slater has contributed to the research on how covid-19 will impact employee related practices.

As HR TailorMade began to grow, Slater was looking to gain a better understanding of how to not just run a busines but lead one. She discovered the Diverse Business Accelerator (DBA) program through existing connections to the St. Louis Regional Chamber. “I had connections to the Chamber, so I really felt like this program choose me”, says Slater. Participating in the program helped her not only to network and develop professionally, but also get comfortable talking about her business. “I believe leaders should be open to making shifts and pivots when needed – they should always be open to new opportunities to learn and grow”. 

Looking forward, HR TailorMade is prepared to expand by implementing an online membership program for small businesses who have HR needs but can’t afford an HR consultant. This program will teach clients the skills they need to successfully carry out HR for themselves. To all those thinking about applying for the Diverse Business Accelerator Slater says, “Do it! This is a program that will help you to learn more about your business and become a more effective leader”. With the help of the resources provided through DBA, there is no doubt that HR TailorMade will continue to positively impact the St. Louis region by fostering environments where local businesses are energized to achieve success. 

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