Many businesses and entrepreneurs seeking success are familiar with the phrase “think outside of the box”, but for Andrew Turnage, owner of Liv, the straightest path to success requires one to “liv outside of the box”. Liv provides customized strategies to create a stronger business structure, purpose, branding and management for clients to grow and build capacity for their vision. “I like to solve the problem of how to expand and grow, and I create and execute strategies to move forward”, says Turnage.

Since 2014, Liv has helped over 50 companies of all market sizes and backgrounds to progress in their industry. “Keeping the retention in St. Louis has always been the goal for me. I love St. Louis, I was born and reared here, I want to stay here, and I want to retain people here to build a better St. Louis”, says Turnage. Liv is passionate about building a stronger St. Louis business community and has positively impacted the region by delivering effective strategies that have elevated St. Louis businesses to success.

As a member of the St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative, Turnage was exposed to the work of the Diverse Business Accelerator (DBA) program through the St. Louis Regional Chamber. “At the time I joined DBA I was looking for support and structure, which is kind of weird to say as a consultant since I provide structure, but every great coach needs a coach”, says Turnage. Drawn to the energy and commitment of its members, he found an empowering sense of community through DBA and learned that many others faced similar challenges he did. As he advanced his business, Turnage recognized he was in a place to grow. “I received the lessons out of DBA because I was open to accepting them”, says Turnage. He also emphasized the networking benefits that made connections more readily available for his business, as well as the power of learning his full value.

Turnage believes that success lies on the opposite side of consistency. Looking forward, Liv is focused on growing as a consistent brand and a company that creates trust. For those interested in participating in the Diverse Business Accelerator, Turnage says, “Don’t hesitate, dive in!”. He wants to emphasize participants of the importance of remaining open to constructive criticism and actively applying what you learn to see results and reach success. “The program is challenging because it hits home,” says Turnage. “As the program name says it ‘accelerates’ you which means you have to move outside of your comfort zone – so go for it and be ready.”

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