Our impact in the workplace would dramatically improve with superpowers such as super-speed, flight, or mindreading. While those may be hard to come by, according to MrsKeshSpeaks there is one ultimate superpower we all need to possess and have the ability to develop – networking. Speaker, diversity leader and bestselling author of Networking, It’s Your Superpower, Kesh Kent, is skilled at using the power of networking to build robust teams. She is the face of MrsKeshSpeaks with over 17 years of human resources staffing, training and development experience. Kent brings her energy and passion to training workshops focused on building relationships and connecting individuals. According to Kent, her approach to positively strengthen existing relationships and appreciating individuals is particularly successful for businesses with a history of a high turnover rate. In addition to coaching on interpersonal relationships, MrsKeshSpeaks provides consulting services for organizations looking to strengthen their diversity and inclusion efforts. Any organization that wants to train members on the power of relationships and break down the stigma of “networking” would benefit from the resources that MrsKeshSpeaks provides.

As MrsKeshSpeaks continued to grow, Kent decided to participate in the Diverse Business Accelerator program to gain more knowledge and insight into successful business practices. Kent was also attracted to the wide network of resources provided through the program and the emphasis on diverse St. Louis businesses. “I wanted to get more connected to other St. Louis businesses and since joining the DBA I have found that the resources are phenomenal and it would not have been possible for me to gain access to them if it weren’t for the DBA program”, said Kent. Involvement in the Diverse Business Accelerator program has lasting benefits. According to Kent, she still remains connected to the Chamber and she sees helpful resources and opportunities shared with her at least weekly. “The DBA has opened so many doors for me and has emphasized the power of following up with relationships and leveraging resources”, said Kent. MrsKeshSpeaks was nominated for a Deluxe Magazine “Women Who Inspire of 2019” award, which Kent attributes to the connections and visibility she gained through the program.

In the coming year, MrsKeshSpeaks plans to develop training workshops based on her bestselling book for organizations seeking growth. Kent plans to develop MrsKeshSpeaks to a global scale and expand her team in the coming year. Strong interpersonal relationships are an essential key to success in the modern workplace and Kent has positively impacted the St. Louis region by helping new entrepreneurs build their net worth through connections.  For those thinking of applying for DBA, Kent says, “We sometimes overthink things and believe things need to be perfect before we begin but I would say if you are already working and operating in your business, go ahead and do it and get connected to resources because it will open up windows and opportunities that you aren’t even able to see”.


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