The St. Louis Regional Chamber, Kiddie Academy, and Psychological Associates present the Voices of the Region speaker series. The series showcases some of the most celebrated and influential professionals that can be found in our own backyard.

Each speaker is a distinguished personality and thought leader on the subject matter. Each will share their unique experience and perspective on a variety of topics, from succession planning, living with technology, and business-to-business best practices.   You don’t want to miss this priceless experience as our speakers share anecdotal, “behind the headlines” stories from their unique perspective and answer your questions. Join us as we learn from the best voices in the region and inspire a greater St. Louis.

Breakfast courtesy of Butler's Pantry.


June 26: Build-A-Bear Success Story

Headshot of female speaker.
Maxine Clark, President & CEO, Clark-Fox Foundation

In “Build-A-Bear Success Story,” hear Maxine Clark share her story about leading about the creation of an experiential retail phenomenon and how Build-A-Bear Workshops have become an icon of two generations. Also, hear how Clark is maximizing the human and financial capital of St. Louis’ social initiatives and institutions via the Delmar Divine.


July 10: How Technology Is Changing Business

In “How Technology Is Changing Business,” our panel will discuss specific technological advances and their influences on the speed, effectiveness, and cost of doing business.


August 21: Take Control of Your Job Search! 10 Emotions You Must Master to Land the Job

Headshot of female speaker.
Lauren Herring, CEO, IMPACT Group

In “Take Control of Your Job Search! 10 Emotions You Must Master to Land the Job,” Lauren Herring, CEO of the IMPACT Group, learn to identify, confront, and conquer the 10 emotions that are preventing you and your loved ones from landing that DREAM JOB including emotions of loss, emotions that paralyze, fear and anxiety, and ego and overconfidence. Lauren will address best practices for helping your loved ones – spouses, children, grandchildren, friends, etc. - through a job search too. So there is something for everyone, even if you’re not looking for a job!


September 11: St. Louis: The Sports Sweet Spot

Every time you turn around there is a major sports story in the region. In “St. Louis – The Sports Sweet Spot,” hear from major St. Louis sports teams that are making news and driving the economy.


October 23: Accountability Formula

Headshot of female speaker.
Jeanet Wade, Business Alchemist, Jalapeno Consulting

In “Accountability Formula,” find out the essential skill sets your leadership and management teams must learn to achieve a higher level of accountability in your organization. Gain insights on activating accountability in your people.


November 13: Coaching for Business Excellence

In “Coaching for Business Excellence,” our panel of former C-suite coaches discuss strategy, sales, and best practices for employees to achieve their full potential.


December 4: The Geospatial Future of St. Louis

Geospatial…what is it? During “The Geospatial Future of St. Louis,” get educated on the geospatial industry, why St. Louis is leading the way in the technology, and what can we expect from NGA West.


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